Company Profile


Martin Beauchamp and Urcel Ouellet had been working in the construction industry for several years when they joined forces in 1997 to create a modern and dynamic company who rapidly gained a good reputation as much for the quality of its products than for addressing the needs of its clientele.

Over the years, the company developed several important projects on Montreal’s North Shore and in the Lower Laurentians:

  • the Parc des Chutes Wilson in Saint-Jérôme;
  • the Jardins du Parc Équestre, the Blainviller and the Carrefour de la Famille in Blainville;
  • the Héritage Lachenaie, the Leduc and the Cours du Ruisseau Noir in Terrebonne;
  • the Bergerac, the Jardins Sainte-Rose, the Champenois, the Parc des Érables and The Domaine de la Gare in Laval; and
  • the Clos Prévostois in Prévost.

With 900 homes to its credit, Construction Beauchamp Ouellet & fils has built various types of houses: bungalows, cottages, condominiums, semi-detached dwellings and townhouses.

A new page has recently been added to our history with the founders’ children joining the family business. Having been involved with the company on various levels since their young age, they are a great asset.


Vision and Philosophy

At Construction Beauchamp Ouellet & fils, we understand what buying a new home means. It is no doubt a dream coming true, but it must also be a good investment. After all, isn’t the purchase of a home the purchase of a lifetime?

When founding Construction Beauchamp Ouellet & fils, the senior managers were aiming at nothing less than excellence in every aspect: quality of construction, client relationship and price-quality ratio. Since then, these founding principles have become company guidelines and continue to drive Construction Beauchamp Ouellet & fils to exceed expectations and design homes best-suited to its clientele.

When dealing with Construction Beauchamp Ouellet & fils, you will see that we have only one motto: “Excellence is not a given but must be built.”


Our Team

Construction Beauchamp Ouellet & fils would not be the company it is today if its senior managers had not, from the very beginning, put together a great team.

Our real estate advisors are your first point of contact. They are accessible and there to listen to your needs and concerns. They will answer your questions clearly and honestly so that you can make sound decisions. It is important to them that buying your home turns out to be a positive experience, and as such, they will accompany you throughout the construction process.

Thanks to a long-time partnership with its building teams comprised of sub-contractors and competent and conscientious employees, Construction Beauchamp Ouellet & fils can offer its clients great expertise, dedicated professionals and strict deadlines.

As a follow-up to the building process, the company’s after-sale service is in the care of polite, efficient and professional employees whose goal is to help you enjoy your new home with peace of mind.

Thanks to its dedicated staff, the company was awarded the rate A by Garantie Construction Résidentielle (formerly Garantie Abritat Platinum palm), rewarding the professionalism of a builder who is able to maintain a high-quality construction as well as one of the best customer satisfaction rate in the industry